Time is moving on but Open Gardens is moving very fast, even though not a lot of gardening is getting done at the moment.  The Conseil are exploring the potential for a commercial organisation to run the website, this will enable speedier updates etc. as we will not be relying on a single volunteer to cope with the ever increasing workload

The time leading up to Open Gardens 2014 proved to be very hectic for the Conseil as the number of participating gardens turned out to be more than double our target of twelve. For 2015 we have in excess of 50 already.

This was a blessing in disguise as we had to move fast to keep up with the growing numbers and so were able to design and create ways of working that are more suited to coping with an ever increasing number of gardeners, open days and visitors.

We now have gardens promised in nine departments for 2015 and at least eight Co-ordinators, each with responsibility for developing local clusters of gardeners. (September 2014).

The website has been updated to reflect the needs of these greater numbers, which we expect will be a minimum of 60 gardens with the potential for it to reach 100 gardens by the end of 2015.  The creation of a new page for each garden is under way.


Visitor Highlights

Potential for gardens to be open in different seasons

An ever expanding geographical area covered

Lots of new gardens to visit, the list is continuously growing

Gardens listed by Department and then Commune for easy route planning

Local clusters of gardens co-ordinating their opening days

An interactive calendar showing when gardens will be open

Annual membership saves money and gives access to any garden when open

Day ticket, great for tourists, holiday makers etc. Visit as many as you wish, in a day

See at a glance icons for each individual garden tell you what to expect

Download the app to keep all contact details even without wi-fi

GPS co-ordinates take you to the actual garden location

Receipts used to support a French children’s charity

Make new friends

Get inspiration for your own garden

Gardeners Benefits

Choose when to open throughout the year

Co-ordinators help find like-minded gardeners nearby

Co-ordinated opening days to attract more visitors

Flexibility to suit your requirements

Ample publicity generated by the Conseil throughout the year

Full colour leaflets and flyers supplied to help you promote your garden

Free description and listing on our website and app, complete with photos

Your website listing is user friendly for easy visitor route planning

Adapt your calendar entries as the seasons progress

Simple ticketing system to attract maximum visitors

Icons easily describe everything you have to offer, at a glance

Your location details easily accessible to visitors

Receipts used to support a French children’s charity

Additional funds can be raised by donation for plants or drinks, if you wish