Our Philosophy

Using gardens to support disabled and seriously ill children and young people

The Association’s objective, as laid out in our Statutes, is to raise money for donations to other charitable organisations by:

  • finding and encouraging owners to open their gardens to the public
  • Raising funds as agreed and authorised by the Conseil d’Administration

Membership is open to anyone who:

  • purchases an annual ticket
  • or formally agrees to open their garden during the current year for Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts by putting an opening date on the Associations Web site

The resources of the Association will be used to make donations to other charitable organisations and for the administration of the Association. These resources comprise:

  • The money raised from the sale of entrance tickets to gardens.
  • The income raised from activities offered by the Association for the pursuit of its objectives.
  • Sponsorship, patronage and all financial partnerships in general.
  • Grants from Europe, the State and other territorial authorities

We aim to make donations using about 80% of our annual income in any one year.