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Annual Membership – 15€

The annual standard registration fee costs only 15€ . The reason it is so inexpensive is because we want as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasures of beautiful gardens. However, by purchasing an annual card, not only will you be entitled to visit any of our gardens anywhere in France throughout the year, you will also be donating directly to charitable causes. Memberships are valid from March to February. As a member you have an entitlement to vote at our AGM and any EGM’s held within that Membership Period by attendance at the meeting or by placing a postal vote.

There really aren’t many nicer ways to pass a day than sitting in a beautiful garden with a cup of tea in one hand, cake in the other, in the company of fellow gardeners. The knowledge that you will be contributing towards an increasing number of French charities must surely make the experience even more enjoyable. It is this combination that inspires our motto "Gardening and the spirit of generosity".

There are two ways to purchase the Annual Membership:

  1. Via this website. This is the easiest method but costs 16€; the extra 1€ is to help offset the additional charges which are levied by the company which undertakes the financial transaction on our behalf (see this link).
  2. By completing the application form at the first garden you visit. Every garden owner will have the relevant forms and will issue the membership card immediately.

You don't have to be a member - you can simply buy a day pass at any of our open gardens

Many garden owners serve light refreshments and/or have plants for sale. Not only does this add to the pleasure of your visit, the consequent income adds considerably to our funds.