Moulin St Jean, Le Pech Ugou, 46700 Grezels

Caroline Robertson
Moulin St Jean
Le Pech Ugou
46700 Grezels

Tel: 05 65 30 51 35

Open days to be confirmed.
Boissons et/ou pâtisseriesAccessible en partie pour personnes handicapéesChiens non acceptés

Public Toilets in Car Park at Grezels

This Garden is open to visit by appointment.

The descent down our drive from the D28 reveals some of the peaceful charm of this former flour mill, comprising approximately 5 hectares, which we have been fortunate enough to look after for the last 20 years.
Beautiful for all seasons, starting with multitudes of February fritillaries, violets, Celandine, bugle, star of Bethlehem to daffodils, cowslips , then tulips and orchids before settling into early summer season varieties, the most spectacular period is perhaps in late spring, when the growth takes advantage of sunny days and abundant rain to produce a palette of wonderful colours against the vibrant green of new leaves.
Stroll around the house then down towards where the mill feeder stream leaves the pond to appreciate the variety of plants, flowers, insects, & birds.
Enjoy a longer stroll around the surrounding park with some specimen trees or venture further afield into some recently planted (“wilded” style) arboretums using bridges over the mill feeder stream and the St Matre itself.

Wildlife benefits from our light touch approach -no chemicals, composting and recycling of all vegetation, tolerance of weeds, numerous safe havens , plant stems and seed heads are left in place through winter and into spring as well as minimal grass and hedge cutting.
We have a least 5 species of bats, red squirrels have a drey in the poplars- they and numerous small birds make good use of seed heads for food and nesting. Owls, nightjars, hoopoes and buzzards patrol the woods and can be seen and heard most days. Insects which form chrysalis benefit from the numerous areas to morph and winter safely, particularly Praying Mantis.
Larger mammals such as deer, wild boar, badgers and coypu live in and around the property. The waterside location and good ground & tree cover provides a vital area of shelter during very hot and dry periods.
We are open by arrangement, so if you are keen on nature then you know that there is always something of interest to see in such a varied place, please give us a call.

Map coordinates: 44.468186, 1.150726

Park in the main car park in the village of Grezels. Follow the signs along the D28 direction Le Boulve to the garden, approx 900m. You can descend by the large gate on your left to access the garden through the meadow. Strictly limited parking available only by prior arrangement.