Supported Charities

Our objective is to donate to French Associations who support children and young people with life limiting illnesses and conditions. Our donations follow careful consideration by the Conseil and are dependent on the availability of funds.

Total amount donated by Open Gardens / Jardins Ouverts in 10 years to 20 charities: 135 550€

A Chacun son Everest is our main beneficiary and, since we started in 2013, we have donated over 71 500€ to this association and it will continue to be our charity of choice for the foreseeable future.


A Chacun son Everest was founded in 1994 by Dr Christine Janin, the first French woman to summit Everest. The association organises week-long residential courses for children and young adults who are in remission from cancer and who need help restoring their confidence.
This is done through the medium of outdoor activities, including walks with sledge dogs, skiing, a centre-based climbing wall and yoga.
The courses recognise the similarity between the supreme test of climbing the world’s highest mountain and the challenges facing these young people. They they are encouraged to use the opportunity to share their hopes and fears with the other children who are in a similar situation. As the courses progress, the recognition of their innate personal qualities such as courage, will-power, hope and determination is clear to see. You can read more about A Chacun son Everest at

We first started supporting Quelque chose en plus in 2015 and have made regular donations every year since then

In total we have donated 14 000 € to this very worthwhile cause

Quelque chose en plus is an association founded in Vaucresson
It is an Institution for Children and Adolescents with multiple disabilities which accommodes 15 young people with polyhandicap aged from 5 to 20 years.
A Medical Reception Centre welcomes 32 adults with multiple disabilities and

Since 2015, we have also supported other French associations in their work, particularly those dealing with ill or disabled children. Once we have agreed to help a charity, our intention is to continue to do so for some years rather than make a one-off donation. This will assist the recipient organisations to plan for the future rather than depending on a year-to-year strategy. Since 2015, we have made donations of 44 000€ to 16 other associations and we expect to continue to help more and more worthy causes each year. This year we have donated 1 000 € to Ukrainian Refugee Children.

These Charities have received the following donations from Open Gardens / Jardins Ouverts since the Association was formed in 2013.