Open your Garden

Open your garden to the public

Far from being stressful, our garden owners tell us that opening their garden once or twice a year is a wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The pleasure of listening to the hum of appreciative conversation above the buzz of the bees cannot be overstated.

One of the main concerns expressed by potential participants when contemplating offering a garden for inclusion is that their garden isn’t good enough. Our criteria are simple and designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Do you have sufficient interest for a 30 minute visit? If the answer is “Yes”, you are almost certain to be accepted. In fact, even if you can’t comply with the 30 minute guideline, if there is a garden close to you which does, you can team up. All we ask is that you open for at least 1 day per year.

If your garden brings pleasure to you, it will almost certainly bring pleasure to others.

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