Membership Card

We are very sorry but due to technical problems we are not able to offer purchases of membership via our website at this time.

Please make your purchase at the first garden you visit or you can contact our finance department at


There are two ways to purchase the Annual Membership:

Via the website.
This is the easiest method but costs 16 €; the extra 1 € is to help offset the additional charges which are levied by the company which undertakes the financial transaction on our behalf

By completing the application form at the first garden you visit.
Every garden owner will have the relevant forms. You will receive your membership card immediately.

To buy 1 or 2 membership card(s) which are valid from March to February, click on the number of cards required in the box below (‘Choose number of cards’) and add the name(s) of the applicant(s) in the box(es) provided. Click on ‘Acheter maintenant’ and follow the on-screen instructions for payment.